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Apparently I am allowed to breed

It appears that anyone can have kids, and as much as I hope someday it’s regulated by unanimous consent of congress, I do have children. I decided to use some of the younger pictures, albeit the ones without the gratuitous childhood nudity. I’m saving those pictures for their wedding invitations.

Courtney Wheelock

Courtney on the Ninja 1000R

Courtney on the Ninja 1000R

Courtney survived the early infatuation with my Ninja 1000 with less injuries than I. Thank goodness she couldn’t reach the handlebars to start it, could have been tragic. Courtney picked up my affinity for music and keeps a guitar or two around, and plays in bands when the mood suits her.

Kristen Wheelock

Kristy up to something

Kristy up to something

Kristy was always so happy and carefree as a child, and she is 624,482,810 seconds old. Her demeanor changed somewhat when she was in junior high and realized that she would now be competing with all the other young girls for the young boys. Women can be cruel (a fact most divorced men have found out the hard way).