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Just one of my Ah-ha moments

August 20th, 2009

Just had a thought today – was selling some music gear and I realized if I had to pay with cash for everything I have bought over the last 30 years or so…I wouldn’t have half the stuff I have. Credit cards and checks make it so easy to spend money…it’s almost the casino/chip effect.

Think about buying a car…you would probably need a stack of $100 bills 2 inches thick.


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Yes – please run my healthcare, because the DMV runs so well…

August 17th, 2009

Well – I tried to do some business with the DMV via US Mail, because we should all try to avoid breathing the same air as 500 strangers. If the DMV was playing baseball, score would be no hits, no runs and 2 errors. Sent two titles by mail to have the lienholders removed and both were rejected – denied. So I got to spend a cool 2+ hours waiting to have one corrected, and the other one is on hold because the Chrysler weenies didn’t stamp it when they signed it. It did give me an excuse to drive by a Chrysler dealership, what a ghostown, where one of the financial types decided she could just write “for Chrysler Credit” on the title above the signature and DMV will be happy. I was tempted to write the same thing in front of the DMV lady, but my common sense overrode the smartass in me. Now – do I waste (err, I mean invest) another 2 hours in the DMV to test our non-stamp idea – not likely….

It’s such a joy to see what a government run bureaucracy can do to people who otherwise could make decisions based on common sense and logic (and most likely do when they are off work) and actually serve their customers. I can’t wait until all enterprises are government run, tips will no longer be optional, service will always be with a sarcastic smile, and business hours will be from 10am – 2pm on alternating Wednesdays.

Don’t get the wrong idea – I spent 15 years in the Navy and 10 years as a government contractor, but I worked unpaid overtime and weekends to make sure that when the customers needed something it got done.


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